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The Most Beautiful Stories-2

The Most Beautiful Stories-2
Yazar: Eren Sarı
Ürün Kodu: T011
Stok Durumu: Stokta var
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Swallow and sparrow became close friends. They started walking around in together. Other swallows said nothing at the beginning about this circumstance. However, the things changed when the swallow started bringing the sparrow to its nest. Nest of the swallow was under the eaves of an empty wooden house and there were many nests of swallow next to it. Going there from and thereto made swallows disturbed. 

Swallows held a meeting and they appointed a spokesman. This spokesman told about this circumstance with it in a suitable time and said it not to bring this sparrow to its nest.

Although the swallow showed some obstinacy, it finally was obliged to obey by this requirement. 

One night the sparrow suddenly wakened while it was sleeping. Tree on which it built up its nest among its branches was swinging. It flied away and had a look-see round the environment. Thereupon, it recognised that it was an earthquake. 

Its close friend, the swallow, came to its mind. It arrived at its nest and it weakened its close friend. It said the swallow to weaken other swallows and the wooden house may be fallen onto the ground.

The swallow fulfilled what it said. Once the last swallow flied away there, the wooden house was fallen onto the ground.

Later, swallows set up new nests under eaves of another house and they did make no rejection for the sparrow to go from and to the nest of the swallow for the reason that they were owed their life to it.

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